Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage Part C

You have your reasons for working toward becoming your healthiest. Maybe you have places to go, people to love, projects to pursue. Whatever your reasons, Medicare Advantage with prescription coverage may be the plan that helps you turn purpose into daily life. This coverage brings a holistic approach to good health in body, mind and spirit for overall well-being. In Humana, you have a partner, and in licensed Humana sales agent, you have an immediate connection.

Freedom of choice – Your plan, Your Physician

When choosing, compare options and costs to last year’s plan. With a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan, choose from our network of providers. Choose a primary care physician (PCP). Under an HMO plan, it is required – a trusted partner to help navigate the healthcare system. Choose a specialist hassle-free. In some areas, HMOs allow you to see a network specialist without a referral.

Our preferred provider organization (PPO) plans let you see any primary doctor or specialist- without referral-who accepts Medicare and the plan’s terms. Our PPO plans also give you access to a national network of providers (available in most counties). If you choose a PPO plan and are in another PPO service area, you can see a network provider at your in-network level of benefits for non-emergency care. All our plans provide emergency care coverage while you are traveling anywhere in the world.

Added Services and Benefits

How we improve on Original Medicare
We start with government-required coverage and add extras**–often at no extra cost to you.

Some may include:

  • Fitness and Fun with Silver Sneakers fitness program.
  • Meals after a qualifying hospital stay, transportation to your doctor for eligible members, and more.
  • Help for eligible members to stay safe and independent at home.
  • 24-hour access to the Nurse Advice Line.
  • An online circle of caregiving support Points of Care.

*You may save money by seeing in-network doctors.
**Benefits and Services listed may not be available on all plans in all areas.

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